Dec 252013

My friend Scott Couchenour blogged an apt post for Christmas reflection. With his kind permission, I reproduce it here. You can read more of Scott’s thoughts here, Then click on “Blog” in the left sidebar.

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Twilight. A foot of snow on the ground. Stepping away from the house, I turn back to look at the window where light escapes through the pane and falls on the snow as if it jumped out the window to do a face plant and form a snow angel in it’s own shape.

This is one of my favorite scenes to capture on the phone’s camera. There’s light on the inside. Yet the house can’t contain it. The snow reflects the light.

On the inside it’s warm.        On the outside, freezing cold.

Inside, it’s inhabitable.         Outside, it’s deadly.

Yet the light shines on both. It’s the constant.

I’m reminded this past year that life is not always beautiful. There are days of intense longing for a better day. I’m also reminded this past year that life is amazingly beautiful. There are days of intense longing that the day will never end.


Longing. A trait that remains constant in your journey. Never enough good. Never enough time to enjoy the good. Never enough power to overcome the bad. Longing.

Take that struggle in the front of your mind and try to imagine what the “people walking in darkness” were feeling when yet another year came and went without a Savior. Longing was a way of life for them. Yet we live on the other side of the Bethlehem miracle. Later it turned into a constant presence by the promised Holy Spirit. And you are no longer alone.


What are you longing for this Christmas? Lay your partially-wrapped, empty gift at the foot of the manger. Leave it there.

Don’t stop longing.

Just stop longing, alone

* * *

Merry Christmas and Shalom


photo credit: tsuda via photopin cc

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