What’s a Typical Client Like?


A common element that characterizes clients of Care-Full Coaching is that they are leaders. They may exist at any level of an organization, but they are focused on developing their leadership abilities, not just their managerial skills. They may not yet lead an organization, but they are entrepreneurially envisioning one to launch and lead.

A second common element that characterized clients of Care-Full Coaching is that they refuse to separate their emotional and spiritual well-being from their professional competence.  They look at life seamlessly.  They are not afraid to discuss “how they’re doing” personally along with “how they’re doing” professionally.  Care-Full Coaching does not provide “counseling” per se. Together we look to build the future rather than”solve” the problems of the past.  But the client does encounter a “spiritual friend” to help him or her holistically pursue the shalom (integrated well-being) that their Creator intends for them.

While I work with persons who are diverse in age and culture, over the years I have worked with a large number of men and women from the emerging generations — typically in their 20s and 30s.  I “get it” that the world is not as it was when I was coming up professionally.  I like to work with people, however, who also know that just because everything seems to be changing does not mean that everything has or should change.  We can still learn from the past while discovering the future and must use discernment to perceive which parts of our culture and tradition should be maintained in the emerging Postmodern world.

My unique background — 20 years in business, 20 years in ministry — gives me the experience to work with leaders of both businesses and faith-based organizations.  My technical career with a major computer manufacturer focused on designing and implementing Information Systems.  That exposed me to a variety of business environments:  Manufacturing, Distribution, Medical, Accounting and Auditing, Food Processing, Construction, and Entertainment to name a few.  I also was the Director of Information Systems for a $150,000,000+ diverse  business entity.  I understand what businesspeople think about.  I understand the ethical challenges that sometimes confront businesspeople as their faith values are challenged by business practices.  I am interested in helping business people integrate their faith values into their leadership and business practices.

While I have worked extensively coaching clergy who are ministering both in existing congregations and in establishing new congregations, I have also worked within a broader non-profit context.  I am aware of the differences in operations and accounting between for-profit and non-profit organizations.  I have unfortunately found that many non-profits that provide services to constituencies do so in organizations that are poorly led and have a relationally unhealthy work environment.  Because I see things systemically, I believe that such organizational deficiencies negatively impact the services provided to the non-profits targeted beneficiaries.  Improving leadership and organization’s “environment” result in improving the organization’s provision to the community they serve.

If you’ve identified yourself in the paragraphs above and are intrigued with my holistic view of leadership and organization, perhaps you’re ready to become one of Care-Full Coaching’s typical clients.

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